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4Re, a.s.

Processing and recycling of photovoltaic modules.


4Re a.s. is a part of the PERSEUS Group and processes and recycles end of life and faulty photovoltaic modules from their owners and producers.

The beginning of the company was preceded by a long-term development of proper recycling technology. Our partners began with primary considerations of this technology in connection with a project in the field of photovoltaic panels in the facade glass-aluminum systems in 2006. The actual process of development and preparation of the company’s own recycling technology took more than three years and was fully invested from the group´s own resources. Innovative technology was selected to maximize the assessment of individual elements obtained by dismantling and recycling.This step was preceded by consistent selection and actual development of optimal recycling technology, which facilitates the maximum exploitation of the individual elements recovered by disassembly and subsequent recycling. The current state of development of our recycling technology clearly also makes its application in other fields possible and also the recycling of many other, currently hardly recyclable wastes, which combine hardly separable chemical elements (e.g. medicine packaging, lids for food containers with aluminum additive, etc.).


Name 4Re also points to the company's basic philosophy that emphasizes the following:

  • "Re" - Reduce – We indirectly reduce extraction of new and limited mineral resources
  • "Re" - Reuse – We enable recycling of recovered materials
  • "Re" - Recycle - And all of this by our unique recycling patent
  • "Re" - Research – We are continuing with investments in the development of innovative recycling technologies, which allow to extend its use to more and more multi-layered materials


Company is a member of financially strong private investment group PERSEUS Group.




We are offering a unique considerate recycling of photovoltaic modules and other multilayered materials in our recycling lines in the Czech Republic and also abroad in the future...



We use an innovative technology which was selected to divide various composite materials into basic materials using specially developed liquids...



The company shall sell the products recovered from recycling based on standard trade agreements for individually agreed prices. The buyers shall mainly be glass works, aluminium works, plastic works, electro-technical industry...